Thursday, July 5, 2012

Swap Goodies!!!

First off let me say that my swap partner is completely amazing! I received my Color Swap box today and it was filled with Grey goodies.

Inside was an awesome project bag in a lovely grey, black, and silver design. Attached to the bag is a very handy tool, a WPI which will come in very handy very shortly. 

Also in the package was some gorgeous Jacob fiber. It feels so nice and I am really looking forward to spinning with it. 

She was also generous and sent some samples from her stash of a cormo/coopworth blend (which she made me fingerless mitts in) and a fine shetland fiber. Those too are absolutely lovely. I am really looking forward to the local sheep and wool show in September so I can snag up a variety of wool as well. 

More goodies!!! Owlie fingerless gloves in the same cormo/ coopworth above, an adorable owlie cup cozy (yes I love owls), a handmade stitch marker bracelet which is absolutely lovely, and a Diz/ WPI tool as well. 

Here is a better picture of the Diz/ WPI tool. 

Also included were some lovely dangly hematite stitch markers. They ended up going on my shawl in progress asap and replaced some stitch markers that were not well suited for lace. 

Last but certainly not least are some edible goodies. It has been 100+F here for the past few days so the chocolates were quite squishy but they went in the fridge right away to set up again. The goodies are Grey M&Ms, hershey kisses, two dark chocolate truffles (which are so yummy), and some amazing cookie and cream caramels --> I really need this recipe, they are absolutely delicious. 

Many many many thanks for the fabulous package and yours will be going out shortly (once the last few items come in). 

TdF Progress