Monday, June 18, 2012

Knitting Update

So... the Black Lace Socks I had planned on completing this month... well my progress has been frogged. The pattern just isn't written very well and it was difficult to translate to socks that will fit me. Basically I was creating a new sock pattern that just used the lace motif of that pattern.

Right now I am thinking of what I can knit as a fast knit. I will probably just make more sock yarn squares.

In excess of joining Tour de Fleece which is for spinning, I joined A Tour de France KAL. This KAL is one where you join the group and decide what project(s) you want to do during the tour.

I am thinking of doing one major lacy shawl during the Tour since I will be spinning as well. It will definitely be a challenge for me since I have never knitted a shawl, have only done simple lace motifs (yarn overs and decreases) on hats and socks, and I have not knitted anything in lace yarn yet. I will definitely be pushing myself through everything to complete the shawl.

The shawls I am contemplating are:

Dancing Batty
Tree of Light
Greek Revival
Summer Mystery Shawl
Bigger On The Inside

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